Monday, August 31, 2009


Oil on cavas, 30 x 53 cm

I fixed a few drawing issues. :D
Here is some work-in-progress shots:


Unknown said...

I find your process really interesting, particularly the way you build the whole painting a bit at a time and not working over a block in like a lot of other painters. Your drawing must be very accurate to work in this way. Lovely work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mick

This way of working actually makes the job easier for me because i can focus on a one thing at a time.
I usually start with something really easy-to-see like an area that has a lot of contrast or other easy to grasp forms. So the logic is to paint the easy stuff first and then get to the hard parts (blurry stuff for instance).

Jussi Tarvainen said...

Alla Prima all the way. Very nice. Must've been interesting to deal with the water.

Antti Rautiola said...

Thanks Jussi
It sure was fun to paint the water also. Beacause its so transparent i mostly just had to deal with the very small value changes (camera can barely pick it up) and with appropriate soft edges.
I always try to paint from the abtract, one shape at a time.
I mostly try to define the shape something easy like triangle or square and thinking about the softness that it blends to the addjoining shape. Thats why i usually make the shapes a bit larger and then paint the next one into it.

Jussi Tarvainen said...

VERY interesting, thanks for the explanation Antti!