Monday, January 11, 2010

January in Finland - Plein Airs

Unnamed works, about 24 x 30 cm, Oils on canvases.
Its super fun to paint in here even its so cold.
I almost dropped to the river through the ice yesterday,
but luckily i didnt get wet and managed to paint the two last ones :D

Here is the making of shot of the first one:


Vicente Herrero said...

Hello Antti, good epoch to go out to paint landscape, in the photography of the trestle I do not see the stove.
Regards. said...

nice work on the snow, seem you have more snow in Finland than in Canada,love your brush struck,is it cold there?, here in Canada we are about -14 Celsius

Antti Rautiola said...

HA! The stove is hidden from the camera :)

Thank you. There havent been this much snow in the southern Finland since the 80´s. Lucky me!
Its been around 15-25 Celsius mostly. That is still ok, takes about 2-3 hours before the paints totally freeze.
In Lapland its been closer to 40. :)

Arto Isotalo said...

Nice works, I like these!

Sophie said...

These are lovely plein-airs! I can feel the crisp cold. Or is that because it is so cold and snowy here too! Anyway, love the paintings. It makes a nice contrast with those cozy warm snuggled up pigs as well!

Antti Rautiola said...

Arto and Sophie

Thank you very much, we are so lucky this year to have all this snow.
Even though everyone who is dealing with the public transportation might disagree.

rob ijbema said...

wow now that is snow!
we've had plenty of the white stuff
but nothing like this
love the weight you gave to the snow
bending those trees

Mark Landes said...

The light is gorgeous in your forest. I enjoy your works.