Monday, August 30, 2010

Plaster carving

I had this wonderfull idea that i could start sculpting marble.. Well a nice block of carrara statuario costs like 2000 spacebucks and so i decided i start with something more cheaper, because i have never sculpted before.
Plaster is super easy to mix and it hardens really fast.
Like in these two, the mold was a bucket and the plaster set like within 2 hours.
I also got a couple of nice claw chisels to feel like Michelangelo himself.
Actually the fine sculpting is made with a flat screwdriver in the need of a better tool. :)

Here is the first attempt. Its supposed to be an old guy with the mustache.


Arto Isotalo said...

Cool, man! Looks good. Did you have reference or did you improvise?

graziano tessarolo said...

very good!!!

Erik van Elven said...

Although it's a lot less messy if you do it in Zbrush :)

Antti Rautiola said...

Thanks fellas!
I did not have any kind of model. Its funny how you know what to do when you stare at the block and start carving.
Like they say about the artistic block that its good to wait inspiration with a chisel/brush in hand.
So I improvised :D

Z-brush and Mudbox are super cool programs and i love em both.
This is however more like a manly way to do it. Its also that I dont feel so nerdy when i am holding a real chisel and a hammer. :)

Try it, its fun!

Sophie said...

Fabulous! I have always wanted to learn to sculpt. A big piece of stone is so daunting and irresistible at the same time. Your way with bucket and plaster is a great idea, I might try that myself some time - a good way of getting started I imagine.
Love the faces coming out of the plaster....very moody...

stenberga stone art said...

Hello! Nice work, keep on doing..

I like....! mmmmm !! Hyvää!!

Näkemin.. Roger

Ruth Andre said...

Both pieces are lovely. I cannot say which one I like the best. Wonderful work.

Maria H. said...

Voi makia! Nääkö tuommostaki olet keksiny ruveta kokeilemaan:-) Vaikuttaa hauskalta ja hienolta jutulta!!

Joyce said...

I enjoyed reading youur post