Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silver Horse

"Silver Horse"
Oil on linen canvas
60 x 95 cm, 2011

Closeup shot.


Julia said...

Realmente antást.ico, felicidades

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I am always so moved by your work. It is so lovely.Loved the videos & I especially loved Nooa's portrait sketch... with the children"s uninhibited embellishments... truly beautiful. said...

beautiful work Antti, I love the green in the hair, the pinks and yellows on her clothing and the blue lace. The composition also is very good, a kind of spiral entering in the Silver Horse, excellent brush struck too.

Erik van Elven said...

I can keep staring at this painting and the beautiful brushstrokes. Do you use acrylic or oil primed canvas?

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you for your warm comments everyone.

I use acrylic primed linen, with very smooth surface.
There is this "tooth" that i like in the acryllic canvas.
Oil primed are also nice but a bit more slippery, althoug they give change to scrub off almost to the pure white if necessary because it wont stain like acrylic.
Oil primed surfaces are also hard to come by here in Finland. I used to make them myself. Its a great learning experience to test those out too.
Lead based products are forbidden here so I don't know about those. I hear those are the best and of course toxic, but I don't see any reason why would somebody want to lick them :)

Erik van Elven said...

Yes the lead-primed canvases are not allowed here too. I'm going to try an alkyd primer to see how I like it compared to acrylic primers.
Thanks Antti!

Maria H. said...

Ihana, ihana:-) Tulin ikävissään tänne blogiisi katsomaan maalauksia, ku ei teitä muuten näe!

Anonymous said...

Kiitos sisko, kyllä me täältä tullaan jahka saan lomia järkättyä :)