Monday, August 01, 2011

Art in the open 2011 group exhibition

There was a long queue outside of the Greenacres Gallery. I think everyone from Wexford town entered the show!

Tony and David.

John Dinan checking out the works of David Diaz and Marsha Savage.

Time for speeches.
Mayor of Wexford and Neil O´Keeffe.

Marsha Savage, she did those excellent pastels on the left!

Paul O´Kane, The Flute Player

John Dinan, Jimmy´s drum. Sold.

Keith Thomson, Main Street In The Rain, Wexford.

Paul Maloney´s painting in the middle.

My paintings.

Finally it's was time to enjoy all the great paintings that had been painted only in these few days. It doesnt get more contemporary then this!
Greenacres was fully packed with beautiful people and paintings.
Congratulations for all the winners!
Special thanks for Tony Robinson and Neil O´Keeffe for making this excellent event possible.

ps. check out the full list of registered Artists:

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