Saturday, November 03, 2012


34 x 41 cm,
Oil on linen canvas

What an great day to paint! I was painting with my friend Mauri today and guess what, I forgot my paints at the studio. I only had a tubes of yellow ochre, permanent red and ultramarine blue with me. I always keep them in my bag as an emergency paints if something like this happens. I almost instantly run out of white paint, left over from a last plein air session.
Anyhow, we had a nice time painting and chatting with people!

Here is a couple of work-in-progress shots.


Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Beautiful! Great job!

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you very much!

Jean said...

Que c'est beau !
Un grand bravo !

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you very much Jean!