Sunday, June 23, 2013


Oil on canvas
My wife has this super cool sewing machine maybe from the 50´s or so.  
I am a big fan of all the retro stuff. These machines are build to last and its made out of cast iron so I quess it will last forever. Wonderful design :)

Technically, I started this with sight-size method to get the proportions and drawing correct. After that it was all about alla prima approach. 
Funny thing about painting glass jars and stuff is to paint the thing without actually painting it. Its all about value harmony and they must be carefully judged to get the effect of the transparency in there.
Painting this was a lot of fun!

 Here is a work in progress shot of the sight-size block in.

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maalari ja piirtäjä said...

Tämä on superhieno duuni.
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