Friday, August 09, 2013

Art In The Open 2013 - Wexford Ireland

 "Carne Beach"
Oil on panel
25 x 37 cm


 "Morning in Ballymore"
Oil on panel
25 x 37 cm

 "Irish Shore"
Oil on panel
25 x 37 cm

 "Ducks in Enniscorthy"

 "Old timer"

 "Boats of Wexford"

 "Midday in Screen"

 "Afternoon in Wexford"

 "Stepping stones"

"Atlantic view from the Hook Head"

Now lets take a look what happened during the festival:

 René PleinAir painting

 Young boy with his new brushes from Finland.

 Radio interviewing the local boys.

 Mireia Sanz Alex painting in the shores of Carne Beach.

 Louise Tracy and David Diaz.

 Marc Dalessio´s workshop.

 Leon Holmes, Giles Lester, Valerie CraigLori Putnam and David Diaz painting in heavy rain with me.

 Leon Holmes in the streets of Wexford.

Click on the link to see me, Marc Dalessio and Leon Holmes in action.
Banjo player is the new owner of my painting. :)

 Rainer Simon

 Leon and David 

 Grahame Booth after finishing one his master pieces in Bunclody.
 Marc Dalessio painting horse stables.

Also known as the nicest guy on the planet and the main organizer of the event.
Sketch of Neil.

 My second water color, ever.

David starting a water color sketch.

  Giles Lester´s portrait sketch of me.

 Lori Putnam´s workshop is about to begin.


 I painted this painting with Leon Holmes in the quick draw event during the 2 hours that we had.
We took 10 minute shifts to be able to also create our personal paintings simultaneously.

 Leon and me with our latest creation.

 Tony sold our painting in auction. 
It went 100% to the charity and we collected 570,- euros for a good cause.

 Buzz on the street.

Giles Lester, ready to paint - nocturne - night painting in alla prima.
 Me and Leon painting.

Last day we had a picnic paint out in Screen.
I painted some steam rollers in incredible noise and smoke with Michael Richardson.

Noelle Angley at her easel.
Ned Mueller with friends.
Rosa with hot wheels.


 Gallery of wet paintings :)
 Catriona Gibling
Louise Tracy 

Giles Lester´s works
Mary Duffy´s work.

 Rosa Olivero´s work.

 David Diaz´s work.

 My paintings

 Leon Holmes works.

 Jane Meyler

Mireia Sanz Alex

George McHugh´s winner

Grahame Booth´s winner

Beautiful watercolors

Marko Fenske´s work

Valerie Craig´s Mayoral award winner!

  Joe Paguet´s work
 Rainer Simon´s work

Tony Robinson´s work


 Dee Crowe´s work

 Michael McGuire´s works

Paul Maloney´s works
Finnish guy.



Erik van Elven said...

Had a wonderful time browsing through all the pictures. Looks like you had a great time Antti!

Marsha Hamby Savage said...

Hi Antti! Missed being there ... looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for posting so many photos... I have been waiting for someone to do so. Good work on that "dual" painting you did with ... was it Leon?

Arto Isotalo said...

Mahtavaa Antti, hienoja maalauksia! Ja onnittelut palkinnosta!

Johan said...

Hi Antti,

Amazing collection of work all together!

Just a question: how doe that work with the framing? Do you guys take your frames with you from home to the AITO festival or do you buy them in Wexford? In the case of the latter, how do you know what sizez your panels can be?
Just wondering :)

Gonna have another look at those pictures... really nice!

Antti Rautiola said...

Thanks guys!

Thank you. We sure had a lot of fun and the painting I did together with Leon Holmes, was one of the highlights of my visit. I hope to see you guys again sometime.
Take care and please tell my greetings to Haywood. :)

You can bring your own frames, but the - Spectrum Art & Framing - has a good selection of frames. I always use their expertise/services when chosing a frame while I am in there.

Antti Rautiola said...

Oh and yes, they will make custom frames in any size of canvases or panels.

Johan said...

Thank you, Antti, for taking the time to reply.

One day I will make it to Wexford!

Rainer Simon said...

Hi Antti!
I really like your blog. I'm still sorting and selecting the photos, I'm not FINISHed yet.
I will send you still anticipate some photos by e-mail.
See you soon,
Rainer the German - which is not FINISH - with the photos.

Antti Rautiola said...

Thanks guys!

Hopefully you can send me the picture of that painting I did in T. Morris bar..When you are finnished playing "fluffy duck". HAHA! ;)

Tracy O'Brien said...

Beautiful account of an incredible festival - well done Antti!

Rafaela said...

This is fantastic!