Monday, March 09, 2015

End of the winter

26th of December

8th of March

Here is the whole painting process packed in a few pictures.
I painted roughly about an hour before the light totally went away.

I was using this light grey, birch wood panel for this painting.
At first I wanted to establish the basic value range (brightness and darkness) of the landscape.
I chose to use transparent oxide red and yellow ochre to keep the under painting in a warm temperature.

As you can see from this closeup everything is rather sketchy, but measures are relatively correct and the basic design is established from the beginning, like the placement of the trees and the horizon.

After the drawing was established I wanted to verify the temperature harmony by painting the blues in the background.
At this stage it was time to also to go to the darkest possible values, which are mixture of ultramarine blue and transparent oxide red.

Time to stop, I could not feel my hands anymore. I try to remember to wear gloves next time  :)
It was super fun to paint even on a grey day like this.

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