Friday, August 05, 2016

Art In The Open 2016

This year I spent 2 weeks in the beautiful Ireland. 
Hospitality of Irish people is incredibly awesome.

Ok, now I just let the pictures tell most of the story:
Rosslare beach

Jane´s garden.
I gave this painting away for charity sale for Ten Foundations,
that will be held later on in Belfast so it will be up for grabs.
Jane Meyler has also collected incredible work´s of other artist´s, so please stay tuned for this exhibition.

 Hook Head, oldest operational lighthouse on the planet.

 Johnstown Castle. Agricultural museum is definately worth a visit also.

This boat was painted in a rather heavy wind in Wexford.

 Beautiful Saltee Islands. 
Its about a 20 minute ferry ride from Kilmore Quay (one of my favorite harbours to paint and the fish&chips is awesomely fresh in there).

 Well´s House and Gardens. Incredibly versatile place to paint and there is a ton of activities for children like archery, fairy forest, farm animals, playground etc.

 I was told by one local gentleman that this wall of defense used to be the outer region of Wexford.

Ballymore had a lot agricultural subjects to paint.
 Inistioge was a beautiful town. 
I mostly just enjoyed good cofee/food and chatting with other artists on that day. 
However, I managed to paint this one landscape, right after Marc Dalessio´s workshop that I highly recommend.

 Tintern Abbey has interesting history... who would not love a good story..

 Thats me alright. :D
Thanks to Liam Ryan for the photo.
 Close up of the Tintern Abbey.

To my suprise I won Bronze Award! Whoo-hoo!
Congrats for all the winners!
  To keep things interesting we invented some fringe events as well.. 
Like nocturne (night) painting!
 Matthew Ryder enjoying the fresh evening wind with me.

 Jane Meyler

 David Diaz and Bruno Baran

 Renske Schuilenga and Tony Robinson

Night painting requires a bit of preparation and it is always a fantastic suprise to see how the painting looks like under a normal light. We had a blast!

Here is more photos of artist´s at work:
First photos are from his workshop. Lot of wisdom was distributed in that morning.

Marc Dalessio´s a workshop

Louise Treacy

 Karen Scannell (painting a winner right here)

Tina Orsolic Dalessio painting aquarelle
(Love her work!)

Tony Robinson painting a masterpiece.

David Goldberg on a rather crowded bridge in Tintern Abbey


 Art In The Open was a great experience and I hope that the next year there will be even more artist´s to join in on the fun of capturing the real-deal!
 Thanks for all the chats and laughs!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Winter delights

What a joy it was to paint on a beautiful day like today!

ps. Remember to register and book your flights to Art In The Open 2016!
There will be incredible workshops going on and awesome artist´s to meet. 

"Winter delights" 
Oil on birch panel
33x28 cm

"Frozen fields"
Oil on birch panel
33x28 cm

 And here is a few work in progress shots: