Friday, April 03, 2009

New paintings

Whooe! Its been a busy day, i managed to paint these two today.
First one is painted in the life painting class that i am attending. It was amazing, as always, and i think we all learned a lot. This took about 4 hours to complete.
Second one is painted after that and it is also painted in alla prima style.


Jos van Riswick said...

Hello Antti Rautiola,

I've been enjoying looking at your paintings just now. I think you have also (like me) been looking a lot at the work of richard schmid. I've been trying the langnickle brushes (and you also?) uses and the 'schmid medium'. I was wondering how you work with them. Until now I've been painting with a very fat medium consisting of 1/2 stand oil and 1/2 liquin. (usually applied on panel before starting). This keeps the paint wet for a long time, and one needs stirdy brushes to be able to move it around. The langnickles need a completely different technique I think. Could you comment on this. (ie do you move around paint, or only paint over) and how do you use the very thin medium?....


Antti Rautiola said...

Hi Jos

When I started to paint few years ago, I happened to post some painting on some forum. People said that my painings reminded them paintings by Richard Schmid. funny thing is that i had never heard of him before. After seeing his works it was clear that he surely is a living master.
I was amazed about his astonishing paintings.
Nowadays I am using only walnut oil as an medium. Because it is non toxic.
I generally use the paint in the consistency it cames from a tube. I also use it A LOT, big piles. Like two-three tubes per paintings.
I do some times an preliminary washes to block in the general color blocks of the major planes , but some times i just start from one spot and build everything as final as possible from there.
Langnickle brushes are good for substle color/value changes and smoothing out the glare. I do use them a lot. It takes a few paintings to get to know their characteristic.
I do a lot of trial and error, if i make a stroke that is clearly wrong, i scrape it off and do it again. I also use other brushes as well, mostly bristles.

Unknown said...

These are beautiful and reflect the observation that is evident in your landscape work. I am particularly taken by the way you have rendered the edges in the first picture. It would be good if you could say something about the palette you use for your figure work.

Arto Isotalo said...

Hienoja töitä!

Antti Rautiola said...

Thanks Mick!
Kiitos Arto!

Mick, i did put some palette info on my latest post. I always have this basic palette,which is only transformed when I accidently grab some wrong color tubes from the store. :D

Patrice said...

Hello - your landscapes are wonderful - but your portrait and figure work is sublime.

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you Patrice.
I do like to paint different kind of subjects. Painting in the nature helps me to see more colors and i can use that in the figure works aswell.