Monday, April 06, 2009

Pirates d'air!

Pirates d'air!
40 x 60 cm, Linen canvas

This balloon is actually my sons birthday present :)
I can not believe my little tarzan is four allready..
Sorry about the bad quality photo. I´ll take a better picture when i find some batteries for my camera :D

I always have the same palette for everything i paint.
Here is some additional info aswell:

Oil Paints: (Rembrants and Van Cochs)
white (whatever is on sale)
Lemon yellow
Cadmium red
Yellow ochre light
Transparent oxide red/
Ultramarine blue deep

Premixed colors:
Light blue - Which is ultramarine+white with a touch of red
Black - Transparent oxide red + ultramarine

Langnickel 5590 series
Also a few cheap bristles and the really big ones are from hardware store

Medium used:
Walnut Oil


Unknown said...

Thanks for the palette info and even bigger thanks for an unusual image. It seems alive and in motion.

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday to him. My eldest son is 4 as well. How time flies.
Great painting of original subject.

Marco Folchi said...

Lovely idea ;) Great painting.

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you Mick, Sophie and Marco for dropping by and commenting :D
Balloons are lot of fun.. Got to buy a lot of them some day. :)
As a subject they are a bit hard, because they really dont stay still and all the reflections are changing all the time. Never the less it sure is fun to try to paint one!