Sunday, August 30, 2009


Oil on linen canvas, 20 x 35 cm

Mauri and me on the location.
Mauri was doing some close up drawings of the nearby plants and trees.
Thanks to Ysi for providing this picture.


Mick Carney said...

Another of your beautiful depictions of woodland water. Love it.

Jussi Tarvainen said...

Hieno on:)
Soita ens kerralla niin lähtisin mielelläni mukaan!

Antti Rautiola said...

Jes, näin tehdään! :)

Vicente Herrero said...

These grays .......
They are fantastics.
The green ... are they of black?

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you very much Mick!
I am you liked it.
Darkest valus are mixture of viridian and transparent oxide red :)
So there is a greenish hue in them.