Saturday, April 10, 2010

To the sauna

"To the sauna"
Oil on linen, 2010


Kaylyn said...

Absolutely beautiful work, Antti. All of it. I think you could be called a painter's painter. Astounding color, brushwork and the great drawing skills to capture the spirit of trees, lovely children and kitties! Thanks for sharing.

Jesus Estevez said...

Very beautiful Antti, keep up with the good work.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Fantastic work all around Antii. I remember seeing your posts on WetCanvas under the plein air section. I was always inspired by your loose brush work solid technique. Congrats on your recent show!

billspaintingmn said...

This is supurb! The color is :)

Antti Rautiola said...

Thank you very much for your warm comments :)

Ps. Michael,
Yeah I love to hang around in there even though i havent posted anything in a while. :)