Sunday, July 04, 2010

Small waves

Its an wonderfull day today. Lovely breeze kept the insects away and i could focus on throwing the paint on canvas. Only problem was that i forgot my brushes and i had to resort the only one i could found from the bottom of the bag. I keep it there if something like this happens. The brush itself is an super-basic-pighair-medium-sized-whatever-brush. :)


Caroline Bray Art said...

That's darn impressive, only one brush! And perhaps a useful exercise in paring down your materials/equipment to maximise the potential of one thing instead of chopping and changing for an apparently, though not undoubtedly, better option?

Again, GREAT transparency and movement.

Antti Rautiola said...

Ha! Thank you.
Yes, I do not think that blaming the materials is constructive. Like they say that Michel Angelo would have painted the sistine chappel with only a broom and a bucket of mud and it still would have been a masterpiece.

Once in a while I find it very refreshing to do a painting only with a palette knife. Specially the winter lanscapes. Getting too much into comfort zone can be a bit dull :)


Very resourceful. There is always something to forget.