Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wexford day 2

"Cat called Felix"

Lori painting one of her masterpieces! Man I just love that brushwork!

Leon Holmes beginning his landscape painting.

Mrs Diaz having a chat with Marc Dalessio.

I also had a chat with Marc Dalessio about panels and such.
Like they say, value does all the job and color gets all the credit.
I learned a lot just by waching this masterpiece to unfold.
Thanks Marc!

Karen, thank you so much for taking my painting safely to Spectrum for framing.

Rene on the right, is sharing similar hairstyle as I am!
Toni, thank you for the photo :)

It's been incredible!
We have been painting castles and other old and gorgeous buildings and landscapes all day.
I got 4 paintings under my belt today and tomorrow we a heading for the nearby town.


Mick Carney said...

The first painting is a magical thing. I love it.

Heluna said...

Mä olen tykännyt tosi paljon näistä sun viimeaikaisista maisemista. Kaikista joissa on noita rakennuksia ja eritoten aitoja ja kivimuureja jne.

Mukavaa reissun jatkoa ja terkkuja!

Keith Thompson said...

Hi, love your work & great to meet you at AITO. I too am involved in digital painting. Above all, I can see the influence of Richard Schmidt in your paintings, who we both obviously admire.
From your artist list, I found even more guys to admire. Thanks for that.
Cheers, Keith Thompson